Homescapes Trick: iOS and Android Cheats for Coins and Stars

If you enjoy puzzle games, you should consider playing Homescapes. It’s one of the best online games that can make your busy, exhausting day more enjoyable. The game can be enjoyed by players of all ages. So you can have a great time playing it and using our Homescapes trick.

Game Storyline:

The whole game revolves around Austin, who is a professional butler. He’s on vacation and has come to stay with his parents in his childhood home. His parents have decided to sell the house, but he doesn’t want to let it go. So, to convince his parents to change their decision, he’ll entrust you with certain tasks in the game. Some of these tasks involve cleaning the rooms, changing the furniture, buying new carpets, lamps and so on. In short, he wants to spruce up the house with your help, so that his parents will change their decision to sell the house. So, are you ready to help Austin achieve his goals?

Let’s get started! To complete the tasks, you’ll be given a puzzle grid. You’ll have to match the pieces carefully and earn lots of pieces. Once you’ve completed the grid, you’ll earn stars, which you can use to complete your assigned task. At the end of each level of the game, you’ll earn several in-game currencies. Coins and stars are the game’s two main currencies. You can generate both with our Homescapes trick. Here’s a brief guide to each of these currencies:


Coins are the main currency of the game, which you can win by correctly matching the pieces in the grid. You need to plan well before matching each piece in the grid to win a large number of coins. You’ll even have a fixed number of moves allocated in each level of the game. If you fail to complete the puzzle within the allotted moves, you’ll need to spend coins to buy extra moves. Coins are also useful for buying upgrades that will help you succeed in the game. Running out of coins? Don’t worry, just use Homescapes tips to generate some!


Stars are the game’s special currency, which you can acquire at the end of each level. When you complete a puzzle in a level, you’ll earn stars and reach an advanced level of the game. The stars are then used to complete the task assigned to you at the start of the level. So, earning stars is very important, as you need to use them to achieve your goals and satisfy Austin’s house renovation requests. The good news is that our Homescapes trick can also generate Stars.

How To Play The Puzzle?

The puzzle starts when Austin needs to fix something in his house. For example, if he wants to buy a new carpet, your task will be to complete the puzzle and buy a brand new carpet for his house. To complete the task, you’ll need resources. These resources can be earned by completing the puzzle. You’ll find various colored pieces of different shapes on the grid. By matching similar pieces, they will dissolve. Sometimes, matching pieces can cause a chain reaction that will make other matches and cause them to dissolve automatically.

When you match more than 3 pieces, you’ll create an upgrade like a bomb or a paper airplane. These upgrades can be used to create larger reactions. As you progress through the game’s advanced levels, you’ll encounter a variety of powerful upgrades. What’s more, you’ll receive a fixed number of lives to complete certain levels. If lives are depleted, you’ll have to wait a while to replenish them. All in all, there are many unique aspects to the game that will keep you busy for days.

Some Power-Ups That You Will Acquire In Various Levels Of The Game:

  • Rocket: When you match four pieces in a column or row, you’ll get a Rocket upgrade. Using a Rocket, you can shoot across the screen in both directions. This means you can remove all the colored pieces in a particular row or column. It all depends on which direction the Rocket is facing. For example, matching a column will allow you to acquire a Rocket that is oriented horizontally, thus clearing a row. Similarly, matching a row will give you a vertically oriented Rocket, which will delete a column.
  • Rainbow Ball: By matching five pieces in a row or column, you can obtain a Rainbow Ball upgrade. Using this upgrade, you can remove every piece on the grid that matches the color of the upgrade you’ve swapped. This is one of the most powerful upgrades, as you can instantly destroy many pieces of the same color.
  • Bomb: When you match five ‘L’- or ‘T’-shaped tiles, you’ll get a Bomb upgrade. With this upgrade, you can destroy all pieces within a radius of two squares. Remember that a Bomb explodes in a circle, so don’t use it near the edge of the grid. To use its full power, use it in the middle of the grid.
  • Paper airplane: When you match four pieces in a square, you can obtain a Paper airplane upgrade. You can use this upgrade to destroy four pieces above, below, to the left and to the right of it on the grid. Then, the Paper Plane will hit a piece on the grid that was useful for you to destroy. This makes it one of the most powerful upgrades available in the game. Paper Plane upgrades are extremely useful in the game’s advanced levels.

If you don’t have the resources to obtain these upgrades, don’t worry, our Homescapes trick will always help.

Listed Below Are Some Amazing Features That Make Homescapes A Fun Game:

  • Designing and decorating every room in Austin’s home will be entertaining. You’ll have several options for each piece of furniture and equipment. So you can give free rein to your creativity and design the house according to your preferences.
  • By combining several pieces in the grid, you can obtain different upgrades, which makes the game incredible. You can swap two upgrades together to create a powerful upgrade. Exchanging parts will enable you to complete the game’s levels quickly. For example, you can swap a Bomb with a Paper Plane so that the Paper Plane carries the Bomb to its final destination. In this way, you can detonate the Bomb in a remote part of the grid. Similarly, when you exchange a particular upgrade with a Rainbow Ball, you can release dozens of that particular upgrade all over the grid.
  • The game’s advanced levels become more challenging as you have a fixed number of moves to complete each level. Work out strategies to move the pieces carefully and try to obtain several powerful upgrades.
  • If certain parts are not in your way, don’t waste your shots getting rid of them. What’s more, if you’re having trouble completing a level, you can use upgrades. Upgrades are available at the start of the level. You can buy upgrades by spending coins. However, some upgrades are available for real money. So use them wisely and with care.
  • Some of the game’s advanced levels will be very difficult to complete. You may find yourself stuck at a certain level. But don’t give up hope! If you try a few times, you’ll certainly manage to complete the level. Difficult and complex levels make Homescapes one of the most popular puzzle games.

By combining the game with the Homescapes trick, you’ll have the best gaming experience ever.


In conclusion, Homescapes is an entertaining game created by Playrix. The developers had previously designed Gardenscapes, another great puzzle game. So, if you enjoyed playing Gardenscapes, you should certainly immerse yourself in the world of Homescapes. Enjoy your gaming experience and have fun improving it with the Homescapes trick!